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  • 2023-10-14
    I live on 10+ floor by the highway. I measured the noise with curtain open and closed respectively. It reduces the noise slightly,but enough for me to get a good-quality sleep. I feel that the price is a little bit expensive,but the material is good(I would not say the curtain is sheer;it is thinner and lighter than I expected though. It has 3 layers and I expected it to be thick enough to absorb noise) and the curtain is doing what I expect it to do,so I give it a 5 star.
  • 2023-10-13
    I have an office where confidentiality is essential. The two-panel curtains are now on my two windows and one panel is on each door to provide some office conversation privacy. They absolutely muffle the voices to the point that I cannot tell what the person outside the door is saying. Without the curtain I could carry on a conversation as if the door wasn’t closed. What a difference in confidentiality. I also have installed weatherstripping and installed acoustic tiles on one of the doors which made a minor difference, but the curtain made all the difference. I will also add magnets on the sides to hold the curtain in place around the door frame.
  • 2023-10-12
    The product is basically two layers of curtain with removable felt in the center. It does a great job for the money at addressing noise. I attached a video of a commercial coffee grinder running with curtains open and closed. The decibel readings are before and after. This averages a lowering of 4-5 decibels, which is huge for the cost. I bet a typical curtain is 0.5-1 (if you’re lucky).

    I purchased “silver”, which has a beautiful almost pearlescent silver sheen.
  • 2023-08-22
    They are definitely heavy weight and great at blocking out all light. I live on a busy street, across from a park that holds lots of musical events in the summer so I'm hoping for a little relief from all the noises that seep in my house.
    Also, I decided to fix that by adding a sheer curtain on top of them, and I'm so happy with how it turned out! Now I have the insulating curtains I wanted AND they look beautiful with the added sheers!
  • 2023-07-31
    These curtains are absolutely worth the money. Very high-quality fabric and nicely made. The middle layer that protects from street sounds can be removed if you don't need it. We live close to a road and noise from cars is pretty annoying, so for us, it's a great feature and it does reduce the outside noise.
    Thanks to the thickness of the linen layer I can make our bedroom look dark even on the most sunny day.
    In addition to all the features, these curtains look absolutely stunning as I prefer curtains to window blinds.
  • 2023-07-11
    Fabric used is soft, velvety texture, yet durable and doesn't stretch easily. Curtains has lining for noise absorption. It doesn't completely block the noise but helps in muffling the noise a bit. It is heavy due to two linings, one is a felt type materials and then the white linen linings.

    Fabric cleans, wash and dries easily by washing machine or hand wash with those who have no washing machine. It doesn't wrinkle easily either.

    The length is just right and perfect for my own use. Stitches are solid and does fray easily just like the fabric. It does block lights and sunshine well.
  • 2023-05-09
    I live in an apartment with a patio door that is single pane and faces the parking lot, so I get ALOT of noise from cars playing loud bass music, and also from the freeway nearby. The bass would actually make my ears hurt coming through the door. Now, with these curtains, I can still hear the bass, but it is so muffled that I can easily tune it out and no longer have that issue with my ears hurting from the bass. I also can barely hear any noise from the freeway anymore. They are very heavy and well made, but I definitely need to steam out all the wrinkles. These curtains have made it possible to live comfortably in my apartment until I can GTFO.
  • 2023-05-02
    Cumple lo prometido lo único es el tamaño que no es en realidad lo que dicen pero después de todo demasiado bien cubre todo no pasa luz el ruido de afuera no se escucha tanto menos calor pasa por mi ventana me encanta de verdad
  • 2023-01-08
    Very nice set of curtains. The blackout texture is subtle but makes the curtains look thick and rich. They are in fact, thick and rich because of the blackout aspect. White blackout backing. As with all good blackout curtains, because of their thickness, they don't always hang well when pulled open. It is hard to get them to hang in a nice paneled look. (Although empty rolls of toilet paper between each hook can help with that!)

    These are heavy curtains, so no cheap curtain rods. They do their job of blocking out the light, and curtains in general help keep the heat and cold out, heavy-duty blackouts even more so. Not sure about their noise canceling capabilities, as I haven't really had the noise to test with. They both rod and back tab for hanging. Sometimes blackout curtains have a plastic-y, rigid feel to them. These look and feel very nice.

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